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This section of the web site contains an assortment of track layout diagrams. Some are associated with other pages on this web site but many unrelated ones are being added from time to time. Most are drawings, but there are a few photographs of the original box diagrams - these are identified in the lists below by the symbol ¶.

There are currently 1052 diagrams available here for viewing. British locations are grouped by pre-1923 railway company, irrespective of date. Overseas locations are grouped by country. Please use the search boxes (right) to find those of interest to you.

My own diagrams follow a convention of colour-coding - the layout for the date concerned is basically drawn in black, but:
RED indicates new additions to the layout or signals,
GREEN indicates removed layout or signals (also occasionaly shown as dotted black), and
BLUE indicates features not present on the source diagram but added from data sourced elsewhere.

Signals controlled by other signal boxes are coloured black but for clarity signals worked from ground frames or other non-block posts are sometimes shown hatched.

Most other features conform loosely to BS376 with a few custom modifications. Listed spares with rings round the numbers indicates spaces.

The medium of layout diagrams is not well-suited to display on web pages, and in order to avoid loss of detail some of the images are quite large. Please allow them time to load. The quality varies - not all are sufficiently detailed to allow the lever numbering to be read.

Your use of the diagrams

A small word about copyright. I am sharing my diagrams with you willingly. You are welcome to copy them to disc and/or print them out for your own personal use. However, you must contact me for permission if you intend to do anything commercial with them - such as (but not limited to) inclusion in magazines, books, other sales and display on other web sites. Believe it or not I have twice detected and had to take action against scoundrels selling my drawings for profit on Ebay!

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Barry Railway

Aberthaw West 1924 (Bar)  
Barry c2000 (Bar)   ¶ 
Barry Island 1964 (Bar)  
Cadoxton Low Level Junction 1951 (Bar)  
Pwllgwaun 1907 (Bar)  

Brecon & Merthyr

Pentir Rhiw 1897 (B&M)  


Abington 1959 (Cal)  
Awe Crossing 1922 (Cal)  
Beattock North 1961 (Cal)  
Beattock North c1915 (Cal)  
Beattock South 1961 (Cal)  
Beattock South 1912 (Cal)  
Beattock Summit 1959 (Cal)  
Bellshill 1938 (Cal)  
Benhar Junction 1974 (Cal)  
Blackford 1916 (Cal)  
Bowling Harbour 1901 (Cal)  
Bowling Swing Bridge 1943 (Cal)  
Broomfield Junction 1917 (Cal)  
Broughty Ferry (Cal)   ¶ 
Buchanan Street Station 1960 (Cal)  
Buchanan Street Tunnel 1960 (Cal)  
Buckingham Junction 1919 (Cal)  
Carmyle Junction 1952 (Cal)  
Carsebreck 1905 (Cal)  
Cathcart West Junction c1920 (Cal)  
Clarkston 1955 (Cal)  
Connel Ferry West 1946 (Cal)  
Coursington Road c1914 (Cal)  
Crianlarich East 1897 (Cal)  
Crianlarich Station 1920 (Cal)  
Crianlarich West 1897 (Cal)  
Dalmally 1917 (Cal)  
Dalry Junction 1902 (Cal)  
Dalry Middle Junction 1915 (Cal)  
Dalzell Works 1956 (Cal)  
Dolphinton Junction 1915 (Cal)  
Drumvaich (Cal)  
East Kilbride 1953 (Cal)  
Exhibition Junction 1924 (Cal)  
Fouldubs Junction (Cal)   ¶ 
Gartcosh Junction (Cal)   ¶ 
Gartsherrie NB Junction 1916 (Cal)  
Gartsherrie South Junction 1930 (Cal)  
Germiston Junction (Goods line frame) 1945 (Cal)  
Germiston Junction (Main Line frame) 1961 (Cal)  
Giffnock 1967 (Cal)  
Glasgow Road Bridge (Perth) 1927 (Cal)  
Gleneagles 1920 (Cal)  
Gourock No1 1947 (Cal)  
Gourock No2 1918 (Cal)  
Granton Junction 1910 (Cal)  
Hamilton Junction 1925 (Cal)  
Hamilton Road 1972 (Cal)  
Hilton Junction (Cal)   ¶ 
Inchture c1960 (Cal)  
Kinning Park Junction c1914 (Cal)  
Lanarkshire Steel Works 1918 (Cal)  
Larbert North 1961 (Cal)  
Larbert South 1961 (Cal)  
Larbert South 1962 (Cal)  
Larkfield Junction 1960 (Cal)  
Lockerbie 1957 (Cal)  
Longcarse Junction 1957 (Cal)  
Maryhill Junction 1960 (Cal)  
Merchiston c1920 (Cal)  
Milnwood Junction 1968 (Cal)  
Monikie 1918 (Cal)  
Mossend No4 1930 (Cal)  
Motherwell South 1948 (Cal)  
Motherwell South 1925 (Cal)  
Muthill 1948 (Cal)  
Partick East Junction 1961 (Cal)  
Partick West Junction 1946 (Cal)  
Perth Down Centre 1940 (Cal)  
Perth Up Centre 1950 (Cal)  
Plean Junction 1974 (Cal)  
Possil Junction c1932 (Cal)  
Possil Station c1947 (Cal)  
Quintinshill 1956 (Cal)  
Ravenscraig No1 1975 (Cal)  
Ravenscraig No2 1957 (Cal)  
Robroyston West Junction 1956 (Cal)  
Rutherglen Junction 1918 (Cal)  
Scotland Street 1973 (Cal)  
Slateford Junction 1915 (Cal)  
Springburn Park 1929 (Cal)  
Stanley Junction 1917 (Cal)  
Stirling Middle c1980 (Cal)   ¶ 
Stirling Middle (Cal)  
Stirling North 1974 (Cal)  
Taynuilt 1920 (Cal)   ¶ 
Terminus Junction 1970 (Cal)  
Tyndrum 1916 (Cal)  
Tyndrum 1918 (Cal)  
Uddingston Junction 1951 (Cal)  
Viewpark Colliery 1918 (Cal)  
Wamphray 1936 (Cal)  
West Street Junction 1958 (Cal)  


Barmouth North (Cam)  
Barmouth South 1988 (Cam)  
Barmouth South 1988 (Cam)  
Barmouth South (Cam)  
Doldowlod (Cam)  
Newbridge on Wye (Cam)  
Pool Quay North 1896 (Cam)  
Talsarnau c1960 (Cam)  
Welshpool 1976 (Cam)  

Cheshire Lines Committee

Georges Road Junction 1973 (CLC)  
Knutsford East 1960 (CLC)  
Knutsford West 1962 (CLC)  
Northwich Central 1972 (CLC)  
Sandbach Junction 1972 (CLC)  
Sankey Station 1963 (CLC)  
Workshops 1914 (CLC)  

Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith

Cockermouth Station c1965 (CK&P)  

Dearne Valley

Shafton Junction 1963 (DV)  


Arnside 1886 (Fur)  
Arnside 1904 (Fur)  
Arnside c1960 (Fur)  
Corkickle No1 1962 (Fur)  
Corkickle No2 1972 (Fur)  
Meathop 1886 (Fur)  
Meathop c1950 (Fur)  
Plumpton Junction 1971 (Fur)   ¶ 
Sandside 1886 (Fur)  
Waterslack 1886 (Fur)  

Glasgow & South Western

Alloway Junction 1923 (GSW)  
Annan (GSW)   ¶ 
Annan c1965 (GSW)  
Ayr No1 (GSW)  
Ayr No2 (GSW)  
Bargany c1968 (GSW)  
Barrhill (GSW)   ¶ 
Barrhill 1929 (GSW)  
Barrhill c1980 (GSW)  
Barrhill 1982 (GSW)   ¶ 
Belmont 1976 (GSW)  
Belmont 1961 (GSW)  
Cairnryan Junction 1951 (GSW)  
Cart Junction 1966 (GSW)  
Cart Junction 1914 (GSW)  
Castle Douglas No1 1942 (GSW)  
Castle Douglas No2 1944 (GSW)  
Castle Kennedy 1951 (GSW)  
Castle Kennedy 1919 (GSW)  
Challoch Junction 1938 (GSW)  
Creetown 1964 (GSW)  
Crossmichael 1929 (GSW)  
Cummertrees 1958 (GSW)  
Dalry No1 (GF) 1907 (GSW)  
Dalry No2 1907 (GSW)  
Dalry No3 1907 (GSW)  
Dipple 1921 (GSW)  
Dunragit (GSW)   ¶ 
Dunragit 1943 (GSW)  
Dunragit 1923 (GSW)  
Eastriggs 1960 (GSW)  
Gallowhill 1917 (GSW)  
Gatehouse of Fleet 1949 (GSW)  
Girvan (GSW)   ¶ 
Glenluce 1943 (GSW)  
Glenside 1906 (GSW)  
Glenwhilly 1977 (GSW)  
Greenock Princes Pier 1906 (GSW)  
Gretna Green 1964 (GSW)  
Hawkhill Junction 1970 (GSW)  
Heads of Ayr Passenger 1947 (GSW)  
Holywood (GSW)   ¶ 
Kilmarnock No1 (Barrhead line frame) 1960 (GSW)  
Kilmarnock No1 (Woodhill line frame) 1960 (GSW)  
Kilmarnock No3 1949 (GSW)  
Kirkconnel (GSW)   ¶ 
Kirkcowan 1955 (GSW)  
Lochskerrow 1941 (GSW)  
Mennock 1935 (GSW)  
New Cumnock (GSW)   ¶ 
New Galloway 1941 (GSW)  
Newbie Junction 1899 (GSW)  
Newton Stewart East c1955 (GSW)  
Newton Stewart West c1955 (GSW)  
Palnure 1924 (GSW)  
Pollok Junction 1932 (GSW)  
Racks 1965 (GSW)  
Ruthwell 1975 (GSW)  
Shields Junction No1 c1917 (GSW)  
South Renfrew No1 1914 (GSW)  
South Renfrew No2 1914 (GSW)  
Stranraer Harbour 2008 (GSW)  
Stranraer Harbour Junction 1950 (GSW)  

Great Central

Adwick Crossing 1975 (GC)  
Akeman Street 1934 (GC)  
Appleby (Lincs) c1960 (GC)  
Ashton Junction c1972 (GC)  
Aston Hall Junction 1892 (GC)  
Barnetby East 1916 (GC)  
Barnsley Junction 1977 (GC)  
Beighton Station Junction 1968 (GC)  
Brookhouse Colliery 1970 (GC)  
Cleethorpes 1949 (GC)  
Cleethorpes 1965 (GC)  
Clipstone West Junction 1961 (GC)  
Concentration Sidings 1975 (GC)  
Conisborough 1961 (GC)  
Darnall West 1977 (GC)  
Denaby Crossing 1976 (GC)  
Firbeck Junction A (GC)  
Garden Street 1910 (GC)  
Garden Street Junction c1960 (GC)  
Gorton 1974 (GC)  
Great Coates Sidings No1 1985 (GC)  
Grendon Underwood 1903 (GC)  
Grendon Underwood Junction 1906 (GC)  
Hadfield (GC)  
Hawarden Bridge Junction c1908 (GC)  
Immingham East Junction 2012 (GC)  
Kiveton Park Colliery 1977 (GC)  
Kiveton Park Station 1977 (GC)  
Langwith Colliery Junction c1965 (GC)  
Langwith Colliery Junction 1966 (GC)  
Liverpool Road West Junction 1969 (GC)  
Lowfield Junction 1952 (GC)  
Marylebone Station 1946 (GC)  
Mexborough West Junction c1962 (GC)  
Mottram No2 1979 (GC)  
Neasden North 1949 (GC)  
Neasden South Junction c1940 (GC)  
Neepsend 1966 (GC)  
Newton 1905 (GC)  
Ollerton 1968 (GC)  
Orgreaves Colliery 1977 (GC)  
Parkgate 1923 (GC)  
Parkwood 1953 (GC)  
Pasture Street 1961 (GC)  
Reddish Station c1960 (GC)  
Rotherwood 1977 (GC)  
Sheffield No4 1966 (GC)  
Skellingthorpe 1977 (GC)  
Skellingthorpe 1957 (GC)  
Suggitts Lane 1948 (GC)  
Thrumpton Crossing 1962 (GC)  
Thrybergh Junction c1920 (GC)  
Ulceby Junction c1965 (GC)  
Warsop Junction c1963 (GC)  
Warsop Station 1961 (GC)  
Wath Central 1975 (GC)  
Wellowgate c1960 (GC)  
Wepre Hall Brickworks 1901 (GC)  
Woodhouse East Junction 1977 (GC)  
Worksop Sidings 1977 (GC)  
Wrawby Junction 1920 (GC)  
Wrexham Central North 1972 (GC)  
Wrexham Exchange 1973 (GC)  
Wrexham Exchange 1972 (GC)  

Great Eastern

Abbey Mills Lower Junction c1920 (GE)  
Acle c1969 (GE)  
Aldersbrook 1905 (GE)  
Angel Road c1965 (GE)  
Ardleigh 1964 (GE)  
Barnwell Junction c1946 (GE)  
Bishops Stortford South c1950 (GE)  
Black Bank 1967 (GE)  
Blotoft 1978 (GE)   ¶ 
Broxbourne Junction 1960 (GE)  
Broxbourne Junction c1958 (GE)  
Bures 1889 (GE)  
Bury Street Junction 1904 (GE)  
Chesterton Junction c1952 (GE)  
Chettisham 1972 (GE)  
Chippenham Junction 1992 (GE)  
Clare 1933 (GE)  
Coke Ovens Junction (GE)  
Colchester Junction 1898 (GE)  
Coldham Lane Junction c1950 (GE)  
Dovercourt Bay 1965 (GE)  
Downham 1974 (GE)  
East Suffolk Junction 1956 (GE)  
Ely Station North c1970 (GE)  
Ely Station South 1930 (GE)  
Enfield Town 1959 (GE)  
Fenstantion 1887 (GE)  
Fordham 1938 (GE)  
Forncett Station 1881 (GE)  
Fulbourne 1956 (GE)  
Halesworth (GE)  
Helpringham 1973 (GE)  
Hertford (GE)  
Hertford 1979 (GE)  
Hertford 1960 (GE)  
High Ferry 1978 (GE)   ¶ 
Histon c1960 (GE)  
Leyton 1970 (GE)   ¶ 
Long Melford Junction 1964 (GE)  
Long Melford Junction 1912 (GE)  
Long Melford Yard 1912 (GE)  
Long Stanton 1931 (GE)  
Lowestoft Central 1969 (GE)  
Lowestoft Central (GE)  
Marks Tey c1955 (GE)  
Mill Green 1964 (GE)  
Milton 1943 (GE)  
Murrow West 1950 (GE)  
Murrow West 1960 (GE)  
Nocton 1921 (GE)  
North Weald c1985 (GE)  
Norwich Thorpe Goods Yard 1975 (GE)  
Norwich Thorpe Junction c1972 (GE)  
Norwich Thorpe Junction 1962 (GE)  
Norwich Thorpe Passenger Yard c1972 (GE)  
Norwich Thorpe Passenger Yard 1956 (GE)  
Norwich Thorpe Passenger Yard 1955 (GE)  
Oakington 1931 (GE)  
Ongar c1950 (GE)  
Oulton Broad Junction 1907 (GE)  
Oulton Broad South Junction (GE)  
Palace Gates 1912 (GE)  
Rye House (GE)  
Somerleyton Swing Bridge c1950 (GE)  
St Botolphs 1958 (GE)  
St Botolphs 1957 (GE)  
St Ives Yard 1887 (GE)  
St Margarets c1935 (GE)  
St Margarets 1960 (GE)  
Swaffham 1966 (GE)  
Swaffham c1960 (GE)   ¶ 
Swavesey c1960 (GE)  
Trowse Lower Junction 1966 (GE)  
Trowse Swing Bridge 1964 (GE)  
Trowse Yard 1969 (GE)  
Wallis Road 1915 (GE)  
Ware (GE)  
Ware 1960 (GE)  
Waterbeach (GE)  
Wensum Junction c1960 (GE)  
Westerfield Bank 1898 (GE)  
Whitemoor Junction 1969 (GE)  
Wimblington c1960 (GE)  
Wisbech Goods Junction c1952 (GE)  
Wisbech Station 1967 (GE)  
Wormley (GE)  
Wretham & Hockham 1956 (GE)  

Great North of Scotland

Aberdeen North 1914 (GNS)  
Ballindalloch c1969 (GNS)  
Banff 1959 (GNS)  
Carigellachie North Minor Box c1967 (GNS)  
Carron 1967 (GNS)  
Craigellachie 1936 (GNS)  
Craigellachie Branch Minor Box c1967 (GNS)  
Lossie Junction 1950 (GNS)  
Lossiemouth 1950 (GNS)  
Macduff 1905 (GNS)  
Mintlaw 1934 (GNS)  
Pitmedden 1973 (GNS)  
Portknockie 1927 (GNS)  
Portsoy 1953 (GNS)  

Great Northern

Alexandra Palace 1906 (GN)  
Archway c1931 (GN)  
Armley Moor c1960 (GN)  
Babworth (GN)  
Belle Isle Up 1932 (GN)  
Bellwater Junction 1913 (GN)  
Bishops Wood 1894 (GN)  
Connington North 1962 (GN)  
Connington South c1960 (GN)  
Cranley Gardens 1906 (GN)  
Crews Hill 1964 (GN)  
Cromwell 1970 (GN)  
Crouch End 1901 (GN)  
Cuffley 1970 (GN)  
East Barkwith c1950 (GN)  
Eastfield c1920 (GN)  
Essendine c1960 (GN)  
Essendine South 1913 (GN)  
Ferme Park South Down 1961 (GN)  
Finningley 1946 (GN)  
Finsbury Park No1 1904 (GN)  
Finsbury Park No2 1946 (GN)  
Finsbury Park No7 (GN)  
Firsby Station 1965 (GN)  
Goods & Mineral Junction 1967 (GN)  
Greenwood 1932 (GN)  
Grimsby Goods Junction 1966 (GN)  
Hainton Street (GN)  
Hatfield No1 1942 (GN)  
Hatfield No2 1957 (GN)  
Hatfield No3 1958 (GN)  
Hertford 1924 (GN)  
Hitchin South 1928 (GN)  
Holton-le-Clay 1937 (GN)  
Horncastle (GN)  
Hornsey No1 1970 (GN)  
Huntingdon North No1 1935 (GN)  
Kirkby Laythorpe 1973 (GN)  
Langley c1960 (GN)  
Legbourne Road 1963 (GN)  
Legbourne Road c1950 (GN)  
Letchworth c1960 (GN)  
Louth North c1950 (GN)  
Louth South (GN)  
Ludborough 1962 (GN)  
Mablethorpe (GN)  
Mablethorpe Junction c1950 (GN)  
Maud Foster 1978 (GN)  
Muswell Hill 1875 (GN)  
Old Leake 1963 (GN)  
Ossett East c1950 (GN)  
Ouse 1899 (GN)  
Ouse Bridge c1961 (GN)  
Palmers Green 1960 (GN)  
Park Junction (GN)  
Pelham Street 2001 (GN)  
Pelham Street (GN)  
Potters Bar 1955 (GN)   ¶ 
Potters Bar c1950 (GN)  
Pye Hill c1960 (GN)  
Ramsey c1920 (GN)  
Rossington 1937 (GN)  
Rowlands Siding (GN)  
Royston 1966 (GN)  
Royston c1935 (GN)  
Saltfleetby c1900 (GN)   ¶ 
Sleaford East 1962 (GN)  
Sleaford West (GN)  
Spalding No3 1970 (GN)  
Spalding No3 c1920 (GN)  
St Dunstans 1965 (GN)  
St James Deeping c1954 (GN)  
St James Deeping c1930 (GN)  
St Neots c1950 (GN)  
Stroud Green 1881 (GN)  
Tumby Woodside 1913 (GN)  
Waltham 1964 (GN)  
Walton 1959 (GN)  
Werrington Junction 1968 (GN)  
West Street Junction 1983 (GN)  
Willoughby (GN)  
Winchmore Hill c1970 (GN)  
Wragby Junction 1890 (GN)  
Wyberton 1964 (GN)  
Wymondley c1925 (GN)  

Great Western

Abingdon c1940 (GW)  
Arley c1960 (GW)  
Ashendon Junction 1959 (GW)  
Bilston Central c1960 (GW)  
Broadway 1957 (GW)  
Cheltenham St James (GW)  
Coombe Junction (GW)  
Croes Newydd West 1959 (GW)  
Dudley 1972 (GW)  
Exeter City Basin 1962 (GW)  
Exeter Middle 1969 (GW)  
Exeter West (GW)  
Fenny Compton 1880 (GW)  
Hackney 1966 (GW)  
Halls Road Junction 1964 (GW)  
Haughton Sidings 1983 (GW)  
Haughton Sidings (GW)   ¶ 
Highley 1969 (GW)  
Laira Junction 1963 (GW)  
Langley Green East 1972 (GW)  
Lawrence Hill 1969 (GW)  
Lime Kiln Sidings 1986 (GW)  
Llandilo 1956 (GW)  
Malvern Wells 1967 (GW)  
Naas Crossing (GW)  
Over Sidings (GW)  
Pantyffynnon 2000 (GW)   ¶ 
Park Royal 1959 (GW)  
Penwithers Junction 1966 (GW)  
Risca Junction 1960 (GW)  
Rowley Regis c1960 (GW)  
Savernake West 1954 (GW)  
Savernake West 1977 (GW)  
Smethwick West 1988 (GW)  
St Clears c1950 (GW)  
Stapleton Road 1969 (GW)  
Stoneycombe Siding c1960 (GW)  
Stow Heath 1964 (GW)  
Tondu 2000 (GW)   ¶ 
Tondu 2011 (GW)  
Uxbridge Vine Street c1960 (GW)  
Wednesbury Central North 1961 (GW)  
Wednesbury Central South 1969 (GW)  
Wilmcote 1962 (GW)  


Aberfeldy 1933 (High)  
Achnasheen East (High)   ¶ 
Aviemore South c1969 (High)  
Balsporran c1930 (High)  
Blair Atholl South 1932 (High)  
Dalanraoch 1977 (High)  
Dalanraoch 1942 (High)  
Dalanraoch 1930 (High)  
Dava 1968 (High)  
Dingwall North 1977 (High)  
Duirinish 1945 (High)  
Dunkeld 1919 (High)  
Dunkeld 1974 (High)  
Edendon 1947 (High)  
Fodderty Junction (High)  
Garve East 1891 (High)  
Garve West 1891 (High)  
Grantown-on-Spey West c1967 (High)  
Helmsdale North (High)  
Helmsdale South (High)  
Kyle of Lochalsh 1949 (High)  
Rogart North 1894 (High)  
Rogart South 1894 (High)  
Scotscalder North 1932 (High)  
Scotscalder South 1932 (High)  
Strome Ferry East 1938 (High)  
Strome Ferry West 1965 (High)  

Hull & Barnsley

Alexandra Dock c1900 (H&B)   ¶ 
Balne Moor 1904 (H&B)  
Brierley Junction c1900 (H&B)   ¶ 
Cannon Street c1900 (H&B)   ¶ 
Cudworth Depot c1900 (H&B)   ¶ 
Locomotive Junction c1900 (H&B)   ¶ 
Newport c1900 (H&B)   ¶ 
Wrangbrook Junction 1945 (H&B)  
Wrangbrook Junction c1963 (H&B)  

Lancashire & Yorkshire

Accrington North Junction 1955 (L&Y)  
Bolton West 1963 (L&Y)  
Brewery Sidings 1987 (L&Y)  
Brewery Sidings c1973 (L&Y)  
Burscough Junction South 1893 (L&Y)  
Fazakerley Station 1982 (L&Y)  
Formby 1920 (L&Y)  
Heaton Lodge Junction 1956 (L&Y)  
Hensall Junction c1900 (L&Y)   ¶ 
Kitson Wood c1950 (L&Y)  
Liverpool Exchange 1889 (L&Y)  
Lostock Hall Carriage Sidngs c1960 (L&Y)  
Middleton Junction West 1903 (L&Y)  
Middleton Junction West 1962 (L&Y)  
Mirfield No1 (L&Y)  
Mirfield No2 1958 (L&Y)  
Mirfield No3 1958 (L&Y)  
Mirfield No4 1958 (L&Y)  
Mirfield No5 (L&Y)  
Pemberton Junction 1889 (L&Y)  
Poulton No2 c1969 (L&Y)  
Singleton Station 1991 (L&Y)  
Towneley Colliery Sidings East 1944 (L&Y)  
Towneley West 1944 (L&Y)  
Weeton 1989 (L&Y)  

London & North Western

Alsop-en-le-Dale c1962 (LNW)  
Belmont c1950 (LNW)  
Bridge Street Level Crossing c1984 (LNW)  
Camden No2 c1950 (LNW)  
Canning Street North 1958 (LNW)  
Carlisle No13 1963 (LNW)  
Carlisle No4A Platform 1971 (LNW)  
Cheddington 1957 (LNW)  
Chelford Station 1959 (LNW)  
Colne Junction c1950 (LNW)  
Dallam Branch Sidings 1937 (LNW)  
Dudley East (LNW)  
Dundas Siding 1965 (LNW)  
Duston Junction West 1930 (LNW)  
Earlestown No1 1960 (LNW)  
Earlestown No4 c1960 (LNW)  
Essington Wood Sidings 1977 (LNW)  
Flettons Siding 1935 (LNW)  
Forders Sidings 2002 (LNW)   ¶ 
Garstang & Catterall 1947 (LNW)  
Harrow No2 (LNW)   ¶ 
Harrow Shunting Frame 1964 (LNW)  
Hincaster Junction c1960 (LNW)  
Kensington North Main 1957 (LNW)  
Kensington North Main 1944 (LNW)  
Kensington South Main 1983 (LNW)  
Kilburn No1 1955 (LNW)  
Lambrigg Crossing 1969 (LNW)  
Leighton Buzzard No1 c1955 (LNW)  
Leighton Buzzard Shunting Frame 1965 (LNW)  
Lichfield No1 (LNW)  
Lichfield No2 (LNW)  
Llandudno Junction No2 1965 (LNW)  
Marsden 1959 (LNW)  
Morecambe South Junction (LNW)  
New Street No1 c1962 (LNW)  
Northampton No3 1983 (LNW)   ¶ 
Olive Mount Junction 1975 (LNW)  
Potton No1 c1930 (LNW)  
Sandycroft c1960 (LNW)  
Scout Green 1968 (LNW)  
Sears Crossing 1957 (LNW)  
Seaton 1962 (LNW)  
Severn Bridge Junction (part 1) (LNW)   ¶ 
Severn Bridge Junction (part 2) (LNW)   ¶ 
St Helens Junction No1 1966 (LNW)  
St Helens Junction No2 1966 (LNW)  
Staley & Millbrook 1962 (LNW)  
Stanbridgeford 1935 (LNW)  
Stanlow & Thornton 1975 (LNW)  
Sysonby Junction 1883 (LNW)  
Tamworth Low Level 1975 (LNW)  
Top of Grid 1970 (LNW)  
Tring Carriage Sidings 1985 (LNW)  
Verney Junction 1930 (LNW)  
Watery Lane 1964 (LNW)  
Watford No3 1964 (LNW)  
Watford No4 1964 (LNW)  
Wellingborough Midland Junction 1969 (LNW)  
Wichnor Siding c1900 (LNW)  
Willesden New Station c1950 (LNW)  
Willesden New Station 1914 (LNW)  
Willesden No2 1950 (LNW)  
Windermere 1957 (LNW)  
Wolverton Works 1985 (LNW)  

London & South Western

Acton Lane Junction 1901 (LSW)  
Alresford (LSW)  
Ashtead Woods 1898 (LSW)  
Axminster 1959 (LSW)  
Barnstaple Junction 1972 (LSW)  
Basingstoke East 1906 (LSW)  
Basingstoke East 1878 (LSW)  
Bodmin North c1950 (LSW)  
Bollo Lane Junction 1915 (LSW)  
Boscarne Junction (LSW)  
Bournemouth West 1956 (LSW)  
Chard Junction c1884 (LSW)  
Cromer Road (LSW)  
Dorchester South c1950 (LSW)  
East Putney 1941 (LSW)  
Fairfax Crossing 1916 (LSW)  
Farnborough 1944 (LSW)  
Fulwell Junction c1974 (LSW)  
Kneller (LSW)  
Marsh Lane 1924 (LSW)  
Mortehoe (LSW)  
Okehampton 1965 (LSW)  
Okehampton 1970 (LSW)  
Portcreek Junction (LSW)  
Salisbury Tunnel Junction 1918 (LSW)  
St Margarets 1900 (LSW)  
Strawberry Hill (LSW)  
Tisbury 1950 (LSW)  
Turnham Green c1878 (LSW)  
Twickenham East (LSW)  
Twickenham West (LSW)  
Wadebridge East 1899 (LSW)  
Wadebridge West 1899 (LSW)  
Whitton Junction c1965 (LSW)  

London, Brighton & South Coast

Balham (LBSC)  
Balham Junction c1950 (LBSC)  
Barnham 1999 (LBSC)  
Battersea Yard 1947 (LBSC)   ¶ 
Bognor Regis 1999 (LBSC)  
Earlswood - north end 1974 (LBSC)   ¶ 
Earlswood - south end 1974 (LBSC)   ¶ 
Epsom Common 1898 (LBSC)  
Epsom Downs 1920 (LBSC)  
Eridge (LBSC)  
Horsham Junction c1900 (LBSC)  
Hove 1979 (LBSC)  
Leatherhead 1927 (LBSC)  
Littlehampton 2000 (LBSC)  
Merton Park (LBSC)  
Mitcham 1941 (LBSC)  
Mitcham 1971 (LBSC)  
Mitcham 1974 (LBSC)  
Morden 1876 (LBSC)  
Plumpton 1982 (LBSC)   ¶ 
Preston Park c1979 (LBSC)  
Pulborough 1999 (LBSC)  
Seaford 1991 (LBSC)  
Sheffield Park 1933 (LBSC)  
South Croydon Junction 1896 (LBSC)  
Stewarts Lane 1862 (LBSC)  
Three Bridges c1958 (LBSC)  
Whyke Road 1920 (LBSC)  

London, Chatham & Dover

Buckland Junction 1952 (LCD)  
Deal Junction 1971 (LCD)  
Fawkham 1904 (LCD)  
Fawkham Junction 1903 (LCD)  
Herne Bay 1939 (LCD)  
Holborn Low Level 1941 (LCD)  
Holborn Viaduct (LCD)  
Kearsney Loop Junction c1960 (LCD)  
Loughborough Junction 1949 (LCD)  
Otford Junction 1939 (LCD)  

London, Tilbury & Southend Railway

Purfleet 1891 (LTS)  
Purfleet Rifle Range (LTS)  
Purfleet Rifle Range c1972 (LTS)  
West Thurrock Junction c1990 (LTS)  

Midland & Great Northern Joint

Eye Green 1900 (MGN)  
Lenwade 1892 (MGN)  
North Walsham 1956 (MGN)  
Whitwell & Reepham 1961 (MGN)  

Midland & South Western Junction

Tidworth 1950 (MSW)  

Midland Railway

Abbey Junction 1969 (Mid)  
Abbey Junction 1963 (Mid)  
Ambergate North Junction 1960 (Mid)  
Ambergate Station Junction 1966 (Mid)  
Ambergate West Junction 1953 (Mid)  
Ashby c1900 (Mid)  
Ashwell 1963 (Mid)  
Bakewell c1960 (Mid)  
Barton 1965 (Mid)  
Bath Single Line Junction (Mid)  
Bedford Junction 1975 (Mid)  
Bedford North c1966 (Mid)  
Bedford South (East Frame) 1903 (Mid)  
Bedford South (West Frame) 1903 (Mid)  
Bingley Junction 1975 (Mid)  
Blackwell 1956 (Mid)  
Bournville Station Junction (Mid)  
Bradford Junction (Shipley) 1969 (Mid)   ¶ 
Brent Empty Wagon Sidings GF 1971 (Mid)  
Brentingby Junction 1953 (Mid)  
Bromsgrove South Junction 1934 (Mid)  
Bromsgrove Station 1967 (Mid)  
Broom North Junction 1962 (Mid)  
Buckden 1954 (Mid)  
Burton Road Crossing, Ashby c1907 (Mid)  
Buxton Junction 1966 (Mid)  
Cheadle Heath North Junction c1920 (Mid)  
Cheadle Heath South Junction 1968 (Mid)  
Claughton Manor 1899 (Mid)  
Clydach-on-Tawe North c1940 (Mid)  
Clydach-on-Tawe South c1940 (Mid)  
Coalville Crossing 1960 (Mid)  
Cudworth Station North c1900 (Mid)   ¶ 
Dearne Valley Colliery Sidings (Mid)  
Derby Junction 1966 (Mid)  
Derby Station North (Mid)  
Ecclesfield c1978 (Mid)  
Engine Sidings No1 1966 (Mid)  
Gills Corner North 1892 (Mid)  
Gills Corner South 1892 (Mid)  
Grassington (Mid)  
Guiseley Junction c1975 (Mid)  
Haddon c1960 (Mid)  
Harlesden (Mid)  
Hassop 1954 (Mid)  
Heysham Harbour 1970 (Mid)  
High Bentham c1960 (Mid)  
Hornby (Mid)  
Houghton Colliery Sidings (Mid)  
Junction Road Junction 1981 (Mid)  
Kempston Road Junction (Mid)  
Kempston Road Junction 1973 (Mid)  
Kentish Town Junction 1899 (Mid)  
Kentish Town Sidings 1899 (Mid)  
Kentish Town Sidings c1960 (Mid)  
Kettering North 1960 (Mid)  
Kirby Muxloe 1967 (Mid)  
Ladies Walk c1950 (Mid)  
Lancaster Green Ayre c1950 (Mid)  
Lancaster North 1900 (Mid)  
Lancaster South 1896 (Mid)  
Langwith Colliery Sidings 1966 (Mid)  
Langwith Colliery Sidings c1960 (Mid)  
Lawrence Hill Junction 1911 (Mid)  
Leeds Junction (Shipley) 1964 (Mid)  
Lincoln Station c1960 (Mid)  
Lincoln West c1964 (Mid)  
Lloyds Sidings South 1970 (Mid)  
Longbridge East (Mid)  
Marple c1950 (Mid)  
Marple Wharf Junction 1974 (Mid)  
Melbourne 1914 (Mid)  
Methley Junction 1982 (Mid)  
Millbrook 1959 (Mid)  
Millbrook 1938 (Mid)  
Millers Dale Junction c1966 (Mid)  
Millers Dale Station c1905 (Mid)  
Millers Dale Station c1966 (Mid)  
Monsal Dale 1966 (Mid)  
Napsbury 1914 (Mid)  
New Street No2 1958 (Mid)  
New Street No4 1951 (Mid)  
Newark Station 1965 (Mid)  
Newark Station (Mid)  
Oddingley Crossing (Mid)  
Peak Forest Junction c1963 (Mid)  
Perrin & Harrisons Sidings c1965 (Mid)  
Redditch c1986 (Mid)  
Saffron Lane Crossing c1910 (Mid)  
Saffron Lane Junction 1906 (Mid)  
Selly Oak c1965 (Mid)  
Sheffield North Junction c1966 (Mid)  
Shipley Gate 1957 (Mid)  
Shirebrook Junction 1977 (Mid)  
Skipton Station South 1968 (Mid)  
Sleights East (Mid)  
St Albans South 1896 (Mid)  
St Albans South 1903 (Mid)  
St Albans South c1960 (Mid)  
St Albans South c1970 (Mid)  
St Albans South 1975 (Mid)  
St Pancras Tunnel 1950 (Mid)  
Stamford Station c1960 (Mid)  
Stapleton Road Gas Works Siding 1964 (Mid)  
Strines 1979 (Mid)  
Swinton Junction c1955 (Mid)  
Thackley Junction 1977 (Mid)  
Trowell Junction 1968 (Mid)  
Wath North c1960 (Mid)  
Wath Road Junction 1961 (Mid)  
Watling Street Junction 1955 (Mid)  
Wennington Junction 1941 (Mid)  
West Hampstead 1973 (Mid)   ¶ 
Wichnor Junction c1913 (Mid)  
Wichnor Sidings 1968 (Mid)  
Wichnor South Sidings c1900 (Mid)  
Worthington c1960 (Mid)  

Neath & Brecon

Cilfrew 1957 (N&B)  

North British

Alloa Central (NB)  
Alloa East 1966 (NB)  
Alloa West Junction 1957 (NB)  
Arbroath 1978 (NB)  
Barry East 1950 (NB)  
Barry West 1950 (NB)  
Barry West (NB)   ¶ 
Beet Factory (NB)  
Borthwick Bank 1942 (NB)  
Bridge of Orchy c1962 (NB)  
Broomhouse 1915 (NB)  
Burntisland East 1898 (NB)  
Cambus Junction 1957 (NB)  
Carnoustie 1984 (NB)  
Cowlairs Central 1936 (NB)  
Cowlairs West Junction 1936 (NB)  
Craigentinny 1953 (NB)  
Crianlarich 1934 (NB)  
Dalmeny Station 1890 (NB)  
Dalston Road (Carlisle) (NB)  
Dollar 1966 (NB)  
Faslane Junction 1951 (NB)  
Foulford Junction 1894 (NB)  
Galashiels 1937 (NB)  
Garelochhead 1954 (NB)  
Garngaber High Junction 1898 (NB)  
Gorton 1967 (NB)  
Grangemouth Junction c1975 (NB)  
Grangemouth Junction 1935 (NB)  
Guard Bridge (NB)  
Hawick North (NB)  
Hawick South 1955 (NB)  
Innerleithen 1933 (NB)  
Kelty North c1960 (NB)  
Kelty North 1930 (NB)  
Kilnknowe Junction 1935 (NB)  
Kincardine Junction 1956 (NB)  
Largo 1967 (NB)  
Leadburn 1960 (NB)  
Loanhead 1971 (NB)  
Lochend Junction 1933 (NB)  
Manor Powis 1968 (NB)  
Maryville 1935 (NB)  
Monktonhall Junction 1925 (NB)  
Newhailes Junction c1960 (NB)  
Niddrie North (Lothian frame) 1970 (NB)  
Niddrie North (main frame) 1970 (NB)  
North Leith 1947 (NB)  
Peebles Engine Shed 1932 (NB)  
Piershill Junction 1959 (NB)  
Portobello East 1957 (NB)  
Portobello West c1957 (NB)  
Queen Street High Level 1928 (NB)  
Reedsmouth Junction 1918 (NB)  
Rhu 1941 (NB)  
Riccarton North 1930 (NB)  
Row 1921 (NB)  
Shankend 1968 (NB)  
Spean Bridge 1949 (NB)  
Spean Bridge Junction 1901 (NB)  
St Andrews Links 1933 (NB)  
St Andrews New 1933 (NB)  
Steele Road c1962 (NB)  
Swing Bridge East 1899 (NB)  
Swing Bridge West 1899 (NB)  
Thornton Yard 1981 (NB)   ¶ 
Trinity Junction 1954 (NB)  
Trinity Junction 1930 (NB)  
Uddingston 1900 (NB)  
Valleyfield Colliery c1956 (NB)  
Warriston Junction c1925 (NB)  

North Eastern

Aclington 1926 (NE)  
Addison 1947 (NE)  
Armley 1940 (NE)  
Ashington 1985 (NE)  
Bardon Mill 1977 (NE)  
Barton Hill 1875 (NE)  
Battersby c1989 (NE)  
Battersby 1959 (NE)  
Bog Hall (NE)  
Bradley 1956 (NE)  
Browney 1950 (NE)  
Carr House East c1950 (NE)  
Carr House West c1970 (NE)  
Castleford Gates 1981 (NE)  
Castleton 1966 (NE)  
Cemetery North c1985 (NE)  
Cemetery North 1967 (NE)  
Central Marine 1923 (NE)  
Chester-le-Street c1950 (NE)  
Christon Bank 1962 (NE)  
Clarence Road 1984 (NE)  
Durham North 1950 (NE)  
Durham South 1950 (NE)  
East Boldon 1963 (NE)  
Falsgrave c1965 (NE)  
Ford Works 1919 (NE)  
Gallows Close 1929 (NE)  
Geneva 1903 (NE)  
Gilberdyke 1974 (NE)  
Glaisdale c1990 (NE)  
Goathland Summit c1964 (NE)  
Greenland 1967 (NE)  
Grosmont c1960 (NE)  
Guisborough Junction (NE)  
Guisborough Junction c1925 (NE)  
Harton c1950 (NE)  
Haydon Bridge 1966 (NE)  
Hebburn c1950 (NE)  
Hedworth Lane c1950 (NE)  
Hell Beck 1938 (NE)  
Hessle Road 1905 (NE)  
Jarrow c1950 (NE)  
Longhoughton 1916 (NE)  
Low Gates c1989 (NE)  
Nafferton 1912 (NE)  
Newbiggin 1926 (NE)  
Newsham North c1960 (NE)  
Newsham South c1965 (NE)  
Newsham South 1983 (NE)  
Newton Hall c1960 (NE)  
Norham 1961 (NE)  
Norton South 1966 (NE)  
Nunthorpe c1960 (NE)  
Nunthorpe 1967 (NE)  
Nunthorpe c1989 (NE)  
Ouston 1913 (NE)  
Pallion c1960 (NE)  
Pontop 1918 (NE)  
Relly Mill c1955 (NE)  
Robin Hoods Bay 1960 (NE)  
Scarborough c1965 (NE)  
Seghill North 1961 (NE)  
Selby West c1970 (NE)  
Sleights c1960 (NE)  
South Pelaw 1963 (NE)  
Southside c1950 (NE)  
St Bede's c1950 (NE)  
Staddlethorpe 1960 (NE)  
Staddlethorpe East 1953 (NE)  
Staintondale 1960 (NE)  
Tynemouth South c1955 (NE)  
Warkworth c1960 (NE)  
Warkworth 1926 (NE)  
Washbeck c1965 (NE)  
Whitburn Junction c1950 (NE)  
Whitby 1969 (NE)  
Whitedale c1950 (NE)  
Whittingham 1905 (NE)  
Wilmington East c1960 (NE)  
Wilmington East 1909 (NE)  
Winning 1968 (NE)  
Woodhorn c1969 (NE)  
Woodhorn 1906 (NE)  

North London

Broad Street No1 1946 (NL)  
Broad Street No2 c1950 (NL)  
Broad Street No2 1982 (NL)  
Dalston Junction 1938 (NL)  
Dalston Junction 1974 (NL)  
Dunloe Street 1976 (NL)  
Eastern Junction 1961 (NL)  
Skinner Street 1972 (NL)  
Western Junction 1973 (NL)  

North Staffordshire Railway

Glebe Street c1920 (NS)  
Leek Brook Junction 1968 (NS)  
Mow Cop 1963 (NS)  
Stoke North c1920 (NS)  

Port Talbot Railway & Docks

Copper Works Junction 1964 (PT)  
Duffryn No3 1963 (PT)  
West End Tunnel Loop 1900 (PT)  

Rhondda & Swansea Bay

Baglan Junction 1935 (RSB)  
Cwmavon (RSB)  
Neath Junction R&SB 1961 (RSB)  
Port Tennant 1895 (RSB)  

Severn & Wye

Sharpness South 1957 (S&W)  
Sharpness Station 1956 (S&W)  

Somerset & Dorset Joint

Burnham-on-Sea 1950 (S&D)  
Wimborne Loop 1878 (S&D)  

South Eastern Railway

Addiscombe Road 1899 (SE)  
Blackwater c1895 (SE)  
Channel Tunnel Intermediate 1891 (SE)  
Chilham 1951 (SE)  
Crayford Creek Junction 1916 (SE)  
Dockyard Siding 1884 (SE)  
Folkestone Harbour 1947 (SE)  
Folkestone Harbour 1899 (SE)  
Folkestone Harbour 'A' 1909 (SE)  
Folkestone Harbour 'B' 1909 (SE)  
Folkestone Harbour 'C' 1909 (SE)  
Folkestone Junction 1918 (SE)  
Hoo Junction 1964 (SE)  
Martin Mill 1975 (SE)   ¶ 
Merstham 1982 (SE)   ¶ 
Merstham 1982 (SE)  
Plumstead c1960 (SE)  
Plumstead "C" 1920 (SE)  
Plumstead "C" 1920 (SE)  
Redhill "B" c1975 (SE)   ¶ 
Reigate 1976 (SE)   ¶ 
Sand Street Crossing 1955 (SE)  
Star Bridge c1983 (SE)  
Westerham (SE)  
Westerham (new box) (SE)  
Wye 1893 (SE)  

Taff Vale Railway

Pontypridd Junction 1993 (TV)  
Trehafod Junction (TV)  


Bidston Dee Junction 1978 (Wir)  

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