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This section of the web site contains an assortment of track layout diagrams. Some are associated with other pages on this web site but many unrelated ones are being added from time to time. Most are drawings, but there are a few photographs of the original box diagrams - these are identified in the lists below by the symbol ¶.

There are currently 940 diagrams available here for viewing. British locations are grouped by pre-1923 railway company, irrespective of date. Overseas locations are grouped by country. Please use the search boxes (right) to find those of interest to you.

My own diagrams follow a convention of colour-coding - the layout for the date concerned is basically drawn in black, but:
RED indicates new additions to the layout or signals,
GREEN indicates removed layout or signals (also occasionaly shown as dotted black), and
BLUE indicates features not present on the source diagram but added from data sourced elsewhere.

Signals controlled by other signal boxes are coloured black but for clarity signals worked from ground frames or other non-block posts are sometimes shown hatched.

Most other features conform loosely to BS376 with a few custom modifications. Listed spares with rings round the numbers indicates spaces.

The medium of layout diagrams is not well-suited to display on web pages, and in order to avoid loss of detail some of the images are quite large. Please allow them time to load. The quality varies - not all are sufficiently detailed to allow the lever numbering to be read.

Your use of the diagrams

A small word about copyright. I am sharing my diagrams with you willingly. You are welcome to copy them to disc and/or print them out for your own personal use. However, you must contact me for permission if you intend to do anything commercial with them - such as (but not limited to) inclusion in magazines, books, other sales and display on other web sites. Believe it or not I have twice detected and had to take action against scoundrels selling my drawings for profit on Ebay!

British main line railways British independent railways

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Railways abroad Latest additions

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Search for diagrams by name (or part-name):
Hint - if you are not sure of the spelling, just put part of the name in - e.g. neasd will find both Neasden and Neasdon.


Ashington 1985 (NE)  

 added 3-8-15

Towneley West 1944 (L&Y)  

 added 25-6-15

Towneley Colliery Sidings East 1944 (L&Y)  

 added 25-6-15

Burntisland East 1898 (NB)  

 added 10-6-15

Merchiston c1920 (Cal)  

 added 2-6-15

Dalry Junction 1902 (Cal)  

 added 2-6-15

Granton Junction 1910 (Cal)  

 added 2-6-15

Exhibition Junction 1924 (Cal)  

 added 2-6-15

Slateford Junction 1915 (Cal)  

 added 2-6-15

Dalry Middle Junction 1915 (Cal)  

 added 2-6-15

Battersea Yard 1947 (LBSC)   ¶ 

 added 19-5-15

Corkickle No1 1962 (Fur)  

 added 11-4-15

Corkickle No2 1972 (Fur)  

 added 11-4-15

Inchture c1960 (Cal)  

 added 9-4-15

Plean Junction 1974 (Cal)  

 added 9-4-15

Clarence Road 1984 (NE)  

 added 9-4-15

Methley Junction 1982 (Mid)  

 added 9-4-15

Castleford Gates 1981 (NE)  

 added 9-4-15

Hawkhill Junction 1970 (GSW)  

 added 26-3-15

Greenock Princes Pier 1906 (GSW)  

 added 19-3-15

Gourcok No1 1947 (Cal)  

 added 19-3-15

Gourock No2 1918 (Cal)  

 added 19-3-15

Wath North c1960 (Mid)  

 added 28-2-15

Naas Crossing (GW)  

 added 13-1-15

Colne Junction c1950 (LNW)  

 added 12-1-15

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