BOOKS 2000 to 2009

Signalboxes, People and Trains on The Berks and Hants Line, by D E Canning. Ravenswing Publishing, 2000

Western Signalman, by A Vaughan. Ian Allan, 2000.

Illustrated History of Great Northern Railway Signalling, by M A Vanns 2000

Surviving Signal-boxes, by D Hucknall Sutton Publishing, 2000

British RailwaySignalling Practice – Mechanical, various authors, Peter Kay 2000. Reprint of IRSE booklet

Signal Boxes of the London & South Western Railway - A Study of Architectural Style, by G Pryer Oakwood Press, 2000

The History and Development of Railway Signalling in the British Isles: Volume 1 Broad Survey, by S Hall. Friends of NRM 2000

Mechanical Signalling in Plymouth, by L Crosier. Signalling Record Society, 2000

BR Signalling in Colour for the Modeller & Historian, by R Hendry. Midland Publishing, 2001

Traditional Signalling - A Brief Design History, by M A Vanns. Ian Allan, 2001

British RailwaySignalling Practice – Electrical, various authors, Peter Kay 2001 Reprint of IRSE booklet

British RailwaySignalling Practice – Signalling Instruments, various authors, Peter Kay 2001. Reprint of IRSE booklet.

Burghclere Signalman, by Kevin Robertson. KRM Publications 2002

Signal Boxes on Lancashire &Yorkshire Railway Lines North East Lancashire, by Chris Littleworth. Signalling Record Society 2002

The History and Development of Railway Signalling in the British Isles: Volume 2 The Telegraph and the Absolute Block Single Line Operation, by D Stirling. Friends of NRM 2002

Great Central Signalman: One Man's Passion for Signalling, by I Mackenzie/P J Wortley. Silver Link Publishing, 2005

Exeter West Box, by The Exeter West Group. Exeter West Group 2006

Railway Signalling and Track Plans, by Bob Essery. Ian Allan 2007

Signal Box Register - Volume 4: Southern, by Signalling Record Society. Signalling Record Society 2009

British Railway Signalling Development in colour, by Robert Hendry. Ian Allan 2009

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